Our Councils encourage you to leave all your personal belongings in the cloakrooms planned for that purpose. If needed, it is possible to bring your precious objects in the Studio.

Practical Advices:

For a better practice, the body shoud be light, it is essential to eat very light at least 1 to 2 hours before a yoga class.


Please inform the yoga teacher if certain precautions should be taken during the yoga class, for example in case of wound, recent anesthesia, injuries, etc.
Avoid having a practice after a session of osteopathy or any other manipulation of the spine (vertebral column).

On the other hand, a session of yoga before any kind of the manipulation of the spine (vertebral column) will increase the positive effects.
These indications will allow you to benefit completely from your yoga class.
Everything is planned for you to relax during your yoga session.

All classes are given in French and in English for the confort of our members.

Yoga mats are at your disposal in each studio. They are cleaned after each classes with organic disinfectant.
You will also find in the studio blankets, bolsters, belts, corks bricks and eyes-pillows.

Changing rooms with a shower, shower gel, towels are at your disposal. We also have several parking spaces at the front of our studios with Yoga Sisters logo Signs. These, are indicated by a plate with our name and our logo in front of each spots.