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Yoga Sisters on siteofferstheirvisitors, the mostreliable and qualitative informations.However, these informations are supplied forinformationalpurposesonly, theiris no guarantee of anykindaboutthoserestrictivelyplanned by the law.

Yoga Sisters can notguaranteethat the access about the functions and the contents of the present internet site will not beinterrupted or not exempt fromerrors, only the defectswillbecorrectedwithin the site or the host whomakesit accessible willbe exempt from virus or from bugs.
Accordingly, the visitorrecognizesusingthese informations underthereowne exclusive responsibility.
Thus yoga Sisters willnot beheldresponsible for direct or indirect damage, undergone by the visitors or by a third party.


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Weofferyou links towardsother sites, these links are purely informative. Werecommendyou to penetrate on those sites, to readattentivelytheir notesabout the life privacy and responsibility as for their content. Yoga Sisters cannotbeheldresponsible on no account for the contents of theirinternet sites or for the practices of the owneror the operator of thoseinternet sites.

Personal accident :

Members are heldpersonallyresponsible for anypersonalincidents and for theirpersonalbelongings. Yoga Sisters disclaims all liability in case of wound, Loss, theft and personal damages:
Neither the company, northeircollaboratorscanbeheldresponsible in case of loss, or damages or theft of anypersonaleffectswithin the Yoga Sisters studios.


Price and terms ofpayment:

The pricesindicated on this site are given for information purposes. The prices are writtenpurposely in Euro TVAC. Wereserve allrights to modifytheseprices at any time. Nevertheless, pricelistsavailable and written on the site duringyourorder.
All the reservations must beexclusivelypaid by means of bankcard, creditcards or by via ourinternet site, by mobile application by electronicpayment via terminal, at the date and time youtake –in your the subscription.

The paimentreceptionmust bevalidated by Yoga Sisters before the date of your class. Yoga Sisters does not payback or refundthe people whom cancel their class whatever the reasons. Security measures SSL are taken in order for you topay on-line in a complete and safeissuerconditions.



An e-mail willbe sent to you by Yoga Sisters, 7 daysbefore the term of yourmembership. The memberscanask for the end of theirmembership. If the Memberdoes not cancel itssubscription in writing to Yoga Sisterswithin 7 daysbeforethe ending date of itscommitment, itsmembershipwillautomaticallybeextended for an identical duration. In writingmean by registered mail or by e-mail sent at

To book yoursubscription online, the lawrequiresyou to have minimum 18yearsold.Werecommendyou, to record yourcomplete and correct address and phone number in the subscription box. Yoga Sisters reserves the right to refuse a new member.

Yoga Sisters reserves the right to cancel an activitywithout conditions.



The classeswillbegin and will stop at the hourplanned as resumed in the schedule or calender.. For safetyreasons, doorswillbemaintainedclosedduring the class. The participants will not beallowed to attempt the class if latearrival.


1. Afterits registration, the Membersreceivesamembershipcard. This cardremains the property of Yoga Sisters and must bereturned to Yoga Sisters in case of the terminationof membership.

2 The memberremains at any time responsible for there excessive or unfair use of the membershipcard.

3 Transferability: the cardispersonal and cannotbe lent in no cases to a third party.