The employees are called to put up a lot in their daily work. It is then essential for them to bear in a good physical, mental and psychic shape.
We propose classes of Yoga and even meditation to present you benefits brought by the practice of yoga and the meditation.

Through simple postures, we are going to learn to inhale and to release tensions generated by the everyday life in the body. Allowing to free from tension the neck, back, stomach, insomnia, nervousness, and even burn-out.

We are going to refocus the mental and the thoughts on the present, on the targets of the classe and not on the fears, the stress or the tensions between colleagues.

We practise the yoga by controlling the breath,. It will allow you to remain centered on yourself and tuned to your intuition.

The course takes place with music in the background, the body and the spirit release themselves from pressure in the postures to give way to the self-confidence.
The self-respect, or the person at ease with himself/herself will then maintain a better human relation without giving way to the stress.

Mentally unloaded of these tensions and calm the employee can then concentrate in a optimal way in order to reach their professional targets.

Through chains of postures, sometimes dynamic, other slower or deep at other times, these asanas will stretch the body. It will help strengthen and soften the whole body by the practice.
The physical and emotional, aspects will free your body.

Corporate (max. 10 people)

Unique payment

Corporate (max. 10 people)